Our school is easy to reach from any part of the City or Tallinns suburbs, it can be accessed by car, bus, tram, train, or on foot:

Municipal bus lines no. 7, 15, 45, 65
Bus stops: Dvigatel and Lõõtsa
Bus timetables are available from the following website:

Trams no. 2
Station “Ülemiste linnak.” Less than a one minute walk to the school doors.

Our parking lot is accessible from Tallinn-Lagedi / Suur-Sõjamäe road.

Coming from Ülemiste Shopping Center, drive down Tallinn-Lagedi road. After Suur-Sõjamäe street, turn right into the parking lot.

The parking lot gate can be opened with an access card given to school parents/families by IST staff.



Access from Lõõtsa 6 building’s entrances B and C

A bicycle parking facility that offers mobile parking services, “Bikeep” was installed in the central area separating Lõõtsa 6 building’s access points B and C. Use of the facility is free of charge with instructions on its use displayed on site.

Instructions are also available on our website.

The bicycle parking facility is operated by Bikeep OÜ.,
Phone: 56 679 992.


Ülemiste City’s northern parking lot includes a bicycle shed, which allows all city-dwellers commuting to work by bicycle to keep their two-wheelers safely locked away.

The bicycle shed is located in the parking lot across from the Lõõtsa 4 building. Use of the facility is free of charge for the first year. Those interested in using the facility can forward their requests by writing to the following address: The letter must contain contact details such as the phone number of the company and individual concerned. Upon approval, a personal key will be issued to the applicant.

Although the bicycle shed’s outer door is locked, it would be prudent to lock the bicycle with an additional lock once inside, since no dedicated monitoring is provided for the building.

Visitors to the building can use the bicycle shed by seeking assistance from reception secretaries of the Lõõtsa 2 building.