Step by step admissions procedure:

The parent or legal representative will complete the application form:

 Selection Criteria

(if there is a availability of places in a specific class)

Grade 1-2:

-The child has achieved the minimum required age at least by 31 December of the academic year concerned 

-The application has been submitted in the form set out together with the required documents;

-Results of the Family Interview and the Play Session have been assessed as sufficient.

Grade 3-12:

-The application has been submitted in the form set out together with the required documents;

-Results of the Family Interview, trial-day and all tests administered have been assessed as sufficient;


IB Diploma programme admission policy

IST is an International Baccalaureate Continuum school, offering the IB Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programmes. As a continuum school IST pays great attention to the needs of all three programmes while strongly encouraging the development of its students through the full IB curriculum.

 At the Diploma Programme level (grades 11 and 12), the school offers a  program that promotes and develops a student’s knowledge as well as critical thinking skills in 6 subject groups as well as the Core, CAS, TOK, and Extended Essay.

The admission policy to the Diploma Programme addresses both internal and external candidates. Internal candidates are those students who are already members of the IST Middle Years Programme while external candidates are students who are applying to enter IST at the beginning of the 11th grade.

 Internal Admission for IB Diploma programme 

– Internal students will not have to go through the regular admission procedure to seek admission in the IB Diploma Program at IST. Successful completion of year 5 of the IST Middle Years Programme gains the student admission into the Diploma Programme.

External Admission for IB Diploma programme 

-The parent completes the online application form.

-In case of candidates who have done their MYP he/she must possess a certificate of completion of MYP (issued from their respective school).

-The student must take entrance tests on Science, Math & English to join Grade 11. At least satisfactory grades (50% of points) are required to pass the tests.

-IST receives the current transcripts and related records from the last two years of the student’s educational history.

Transfer students

The school accepts students, who started the Diploma Programme at other IB schools, on condition that the International School of Tallinn currently offers the subjects they studied in their previous school.

IST primarily enrolls:

-Children of foreigners living and working in Estonia,

-Children who have studied abroad in the international school, 

-Children who are interested in studying in an English speaking international school.

IST enrolls children for preschool and from Grade 1 to Grade 12.






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