PRESCHOOL (Kindergarten)


In the first steps of our Primary Years Programme (PYP), learning through inquiry is at the very core. Children explore through interactive, creative, playful, and inquisitive activities. Our aim is for students to develop their self-confidence and sense of belonging in their first small community, providing an excellent opportunity for them to build their communication and social skills with peers and adults.

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In the Early Years programme at IST, children will learn the letter sounds and symbols of the alphabet using the Jolly Phonics Phase 1 programme. Speaking and listening skills are vitally important in forming the foundation of English, and these are a key focus of this phonics programme. Children are also introduced to Maths-based activities such as number recognition, matching, counting, patterning, colors, and shapes.

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In EYP students will experience the start of a lifelong journey of learning, questioning, and understanding. They will explore tracing, drawing, and painting using various mediums while developing fine-motor skills through themed units. Children are taught to be inquirers as soon as they reach the classroom, with fun-filled activities of exploration throughout four Units of Inquiry spread across the year. Additionally, they will practice their confidence in communication and express themselves through our Social & Emotional development lessons. Our Early Years Programme will stimulate your child’s social, physical, and cognitive development, giving them direction and a great head start on their independent journey of learning. EYP is the joyful start of lifelong learning in the PYP.

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