Learning support & ESL

Learning supports at International School of Tallinn include resources, strategies, and practices that provide social, emotional, and intellectual support. These are intended to allow our pupils an equitable opportunity for independence and success during school by addressing barriers to learning and encouraging engagement during the course of studies.

Special Education Needs

The International School of Tallinn believes that students have the right to be provided with the proper support and environment necessary for them to achieve their greatest personal potential. International School of Tallinn provides students, teachers, and parents with a special education needs coordinator, to provide assessment, intervention, and evaluation services. The school’s aim is to provide an inclusive environment that balances school resources with Individual student needs.

  • O27A1830

ESL (English as a Second Language)

IST welcomes students from different regions of the world in order to infuse our school culture with diverse social and academic perspectives. Our school uses the dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills as a means to collect information regarding student phonemic segmentation fluency, nonsense word fluency, oral reading fluency, reading comprehension, and word reading fluency. This information is used to determine what, if any, ESL supports or early literacy training supports the student may need during the school year.

  • O27A1830