Practical information


Toddle is the industry-leading learning platform designed specifically for IB international schools. It provides the necessary framework to facilitate IB curriculum planning with enhanced efficiency, offering comprehensive tools for assessment and setting high standards for reporting. Toddle minimizes paperwork and centralizes communication between parents, students, and educators.

To join Toddle, please contact us via email.

If you have any questions about Toddle, please reach out to the Account Manager at

Student Cards

The e-student card from Valnes is not only an identity document but also an interactive access card that allows students to enter the school gate and use free public transport. Additionally, it serves as an access card for borrowing books from the library.

Student cards can be ordered through the Valnes system with the Estonian ID-card at Valnes e-student card system or by emailing at A digital document photo of the child is needed. The card costs 7.20 euros.

For more detailed information about using the e-student card for public transport, visit – E-student card.


The cloakroom at the International School of Tallinn (IST) is conveniently located on the first floor, up the stairs to the right, opposite the reception desk. The room is equipped with racks for the storage of pupils’ clothes and materials. Each child is allocated one or two pegs (depending on the grade) to hang coats and jackets. There is also space under the seats to store shoes and shelves above the racks for other items.

For more details, please contact the school administration by email or call +372 53000506.


Lost & Found

All items found on school premises without an owner will be collected and placed in the lost and found box, located in front of the cloakroom on the first floor. Unidentified clothing items (shoes, coats, scarves, gloves, etc.) are placed in a large box in the cloakroom. Marked items are delivered to the children at the earliest opportunity. Before the holidays, all items left in the lost and found will be donated to charity.

For inquiries about lost items, please contact the school administration by email or call +372 53000506.