International School of Tallinn offers hourly-based daycare for children aged 2.5 – 6 years. Service is offered on all working days (except school holidays) from 8:45 to 17:00 on address Keevise 2, Tallinn.



Children brought to daycare participate in learning and playful activities. The working languages are English and Estonian.

Daily schedule:

During the first part of the day (9:00–14:00), attention is focused on learning activities.

During the second part of the day (14:00–17:00) attention is focused on educational games and playful activities:

  • 14:05–14:45 – a structured indoor activity.
  • 14:45–15:15 – afternoon snack.
  • 15:15–16:00 – outdoor playing time (weather permitting).
  • 16:00–17:00 – playful indoor activity.
  • Children are taken outdoors twice daily (in the morning and afternoon). Every child must have outdoor clothing suitable for the day’s weather, because outdoor activities proceed even in case of light rain. There are drying cabinets available if it is necessary to dry the clothes.

In addition to outdoor clothing, every child must have indoor shoes, a spare set of clothes (underpants, t-shirt, pantyhose/pants, socks, jumper) and a water bottle.


During the day children are served lunch and afternoon snacks (the menu is available here).

The cost of the meals is included in the service cost. If so desired, it is possible for children to bring their own food from home instead.Breakfast is not offered. At 10:05–10:15 there is a short break when everybody can eat healthy snacks (fruits and/or vegetables) brought from home.

Pricelist for Childcare Service (valid from 01.01.2023)
Price for first 2 hours: € 10 per hour
Price after first 2 hours: € 5 per hour
Lunch: € 3.50 (included in the service price).
Afternoon snack: € 0.85 (included in the service price).


Pre-registration is required to use the daycare service. For same day service it is possible to make registration until 8:45 on the day. Children brought to kindergarten without pre-registration will not be accepted. Please click here to check the availability of places and register for daycare.

Cancellation of bookings is possible until 8:30 in the morning of the day of the booking by phone or by e-mail. 

For additional information, please contact:, +372 5300 0506

Service terms and conditions

Feedback from parents

Why did you use the IST hourly-based childcare service?

I am mostly at home with my 2-year-old child, but occasionally there’s a need to become more actively involved in work life. Hence, it was necessary to find a place where my child could be taken care of for a few hours. The hourly-based childcare service near my workplace offered the most convenient option for this. I could attend the necessary meetings at work while my child was well looked after.

Please share your family’s experience using the IST childcare service.

Our experience with the IST childcare service was entirely positive, from the welcoming morning reception to the planned activities throughout the day.

How did you like the booking system?

The booking system was convenient and logical. I didn’t encounter any problems with booking on the computer, but on mobile, there were a couple of unintuitive aspects that I provided feedback on earlier (selecting the child’s birthdate and the childcare time).

What impressed you?

The kind morning reception, the warmth and attention of the teachers towards the child.

How did your child like our building and playground?

Our child particularly enjoyed crafting and making sand molds.

What sets our childcare apart from others?

The ideal location, the clear focus on assisting working parents, the flexibility, and the accommodating childcare community.

Can you name a memorable activity or learning experience that your child had with us?

Crafting superhero masks and capes.

Would you recommend the IST childcare to parents in the Ülemiste campus community? If yes, what would you highlight as our strengths?

Absolutely, I highly recommend the IST childcare to the Ülemiste community. It’s a well-thought-out family-friendly service that helps in fitting work and family life together, especially during challenging moments.

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