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Lunch is offered daily from 11:30 – 12:00 at the school’s canteen, on the fourth floor. In the canteen, the children are assisted by teachers who help keep things organized.

Students and staff have lunch together.

A private company is responsible for the catering at IST. Fresh and healthy meals are prepared on site every day. We consider the specifics of pupil´s diets – every day there is a vegetarian option. Lactose free and gluten free foods can also be requested by notifying IST in advance. Milk and bread are included every day. When pork is on the menu, another protein option is available.

Pupils can bring their own food from home and eat it in the canteen. A microwave is available to heat up the food. Weekly menus are displayed on the school information board every Monday and are also published in the lunch section below.

The cost of a school lunch is not included in the tuition fee. The price per meal is €3.50 (amounting to a total of €612.50 for the whole school year). The lunch fee can be paid monthly via school invoice.

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