• Brand-New School Building!

    The new school building will open in 2025 January.

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  • Modern Facilities!

    A vibrant and inspiring environment.

    IST New School Building
  • Innovative Technology!

    An advanced and interactive tools to transform the educational experience.

    International School of Tallinn

Why choose the International School of Tallinn?

  • A high-quality K-12 school with international education in English for 3-19 years old students
  • An IB School (International Baccalaureate) authorized to offer all IB study programs (PYP, MYP, DP) 
  • A brand new school campus (soon) with all modern facilities, resources, and security system 
  • Multicultural diversity with more than 50 nationalities in the school community
  • Focus on 21st-century skills: including STEM education, high-tech, and entrepreneurship
  • Wide range of foreign languages: English, Estonian, French, Spanish, German, Russian
  • Regular global testing of study progress (MAP tests in English, Maths and Science)
  • Highly qualified, dedicated, and professional multicultural teaching staff
  • A wide range of services: canteen, afterschool activities, aftercare, learning support, counseling, nurse, etc.
  • Active school life with community events and participation in international educational networks
  • Use of advanced innovative concepts and technologies in teaching and school management
  • A convenient location in the Ülemiste district developed by the owner of the school (Mainor Group)

Admission is OPEN for the New School Year 2024/2025

Join us now to experience where innovative education leads to global oppurtunities

Over 50 nationalities

Facts & Figures

More than 300 students from 50+ nationalities
40+ Educators from more than 20 countries
Approximately 15 male teachers
Staff with 25+ Master’s Degrees and 5 PhDs
Average class size of 18 students
Average student/teacher ratio 1:8

School Anthem International School of Tallinn

Our Core Values

are based on, and fully aligned with, the IB Learner Profile attributes oriented toward an international-mindedness:


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