Tuition Fees for 2020/2021 Academic Year

FULL TUITIONFirst PaymentMonthly Payment
Grades 1-12€7500€1470€670

The study placement fee ensures a study place in the class for the student.

The monthly tuition fees includes expenses related to providing the educational services and included in the annual budget of the school.

The monthly tuition fee does not include fees for participation in extracurricular activities, aftercare, participation in events and field trips that are not included in the annual budget of the school, and the cost of the students’ personal supplies.

For more information about tuition fees, please see IST Pricing Policy 2020/2021:

Payment Options

Payment options and the full terms and conditions of payment are stated in the enrollment contract. When submitting a contract, parents choose one of the following payment options:

  • One full payment, due 1st September 2020
  • Two payments: 50% due 1st September 2020; balance due 1st February 2021.
  • Ten monthly installments: First Payment for annual placement, followed by monthly fees throughout the school year.



All employees of Ülemiste City District can apply for a 10% discount on tuition fees of their children at IST.


Payment of the annual tuition fee in one installment allows for a 5% prepayment discount. To apply for a prepayment discount, the family must express their interest and be ready to pay the entire amount in one installment upon entry into the tuition contract. The prepayment discount will be applicable if the agreed amount is paid within 10 days after signature of the contract by the school.


The family discount is applicable to the families and households with at least two members studying at IST. The amount is calculated based on the entire annual fee. Family discounts are calculated based on the table below:

Number of students (from the same household)Discount appliedAnnual fee per student (after discount) 2020/21
2 students10%€6,750
3 students20%€6,000
4 or more students30%€5,250


If the tuition fee proves exceptionally disproportionate to the family’s incomes, and it is evident that the family may face difficulties in covering regular expenses, IST may choose to reduce the amount of the tuition fee.

Important Notice

The previous discounts are not in any way cumulative: a family entitled to more than one of the discounts listed above must choose one discount system from which to benefit at the beginning of the school year (or before signing the contract).

Any discount agreement will go under revision between the end of a school year and the beginning of the next. International School of Tallinn is not bound to any previous decisions made in the favour of families in regards to discounts. The circumstances of each case are considered separately and from year to year. IST will take into consideration constrained budgets and other subjective or objective parameters in each academic year to determine the availability of tuition discounts.