IST testimonial Paul

Veena & Santosh Paul

The journey with IST has been an incredibly positive experience for our family. Initially, we had many doubts about enrolling our children in IST due to the relocation, the challenges of moving to a non-English speaking country etc.  However, within a few weeks, the school proved that the IB syllabus is an excellent educational framework that not only challenges our children academically but also fosters their personal growth and development.

Our daughter was in PYP 5 and our son was in MYP 5, giving us insight into the framework at different levels. We saw our children excited to go to school every day, and eager to face the challenges and opportunities presented to them. They learned from their mistakes and developed a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. The focus on inquiry-based learning encouraged them to ask questions, seek out answers, and think deeply about the world around them.

The teachers at IST are not only knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects but also incredibly supportive and approachable. I can proudly say that we made the right choice for our children, even as we embark on another relocation. I am confident that my children are grateful for their last year at IST and that it will remain a remarkable memory in their student life.

Wishing IST all the best, and please continue the good work!

IST Parent testimonial

Kavish Goel

The International School of Tallinn offers a vibrant and diverse learning environment that fosters both academic excellence and personal growth. IST’s commitment to individualized education has helped my child thrive both academically and socially. The dedicated teachers and innovative curriculum at IST have prepared my children to succeed in a globalized world.

IST Parent testimonial

Victoria Sokolova

The PYP program at IST has been a great choice for our child. Learning in English has improved our child’s language fluency and confidence. The curriculum is varied and encourages critical thinking and teamwork, with diverse activities like science experiments, role-plays, and creative art projects. These tasks have made our child more engaged and invested in learning. Besides, the school organizes engaging lessons and learning experiences outside of the walls of the campus in the form of educational field trips to various locations.
From a parent’s view, I must note the homeroom teacher is excellent at handling sensitive issues fairly and professionally, creating a supportive and friendly classroom environment.
We are completely satisfied with the quality of education and the nurturing atmosphere in the PYP at IST.
IST Parent Testimonial

Dmitri Shidlauskas

Our family highly values the importance this school places on discipline and adherence to rules. As a father of four, I can confidently say that the commitment to discipline here is unmatched and often lacking in other schools. My son receives consistent attention, and I regularly get feedback from both the administration and his teachers about his behavior. The school uniform is another aspect we appreciate, as it helps students remain focused and organized in their studies.

Additionally, the school app is an excellent resource, providing all necessary information, teacher feedback, and a way to monitor our child’s progress. My wife primarily uses the app and finds it extremely helpful.

Since enrolling, we have observed significant improvements in our son’s language skills, discipline, and acquisition of new abilities. These improvements are crucial for his successful integration into modern society. We are very pleased with the progress and support our son has received at this school.

Paul and Jeandre

Paul Smith

We have been involved with the International School of Tallinn in Ülemiste for almost 5 years now and have seen our son develop from a child to a young adult with the help and guidance of excellent school teachers and counselors.
The students are given responsibility for their learning and as an IB school, the focus is a lot on self-learning and exploration that we believe will greatly benefit them in the years to come.
The size of the class is just right, offering excellent individual attention, while still providing a lot of opportunities for social interaction for the students.
The school employs well-educated and supportive teachers who prepare the students for a successful life after school.
All the staff members are very supportive, especially the MYP coordinator and director of the school, and address any problem that may occur, in a kind and efficient manner.
Looking forward to spending the next couple of years in IST!

IST Parent Testimonial


The first and main reason why I personally like our school is the international environment of teachers and children. The IB program is very different from the program I once studied in at school and even my eldest child.  The principles of democracy and freedom, speech, respect for students and teachers, tolerance – are what a good school should have. Despite some difficulties in the first year of adopting my son in IST, we went through this stage together, and now I can say with complete confidence that this school was the best choice! My son loves IST, and he wants to study here, and we will support him in this journey.

IST Parent testimonial

Dr Oliver Frey

As a parent, I am honored to provide a testimonial about my experience at this exceptional institution. From the moment our daughter enrolled at IST during a running school year, she was welcomed into a diverse and nurturing community that fosters not only academic growth but also personal development. Many teachers go above and beyond to ensure that every student receives a high-quality education.

Learning in IST is not just about memorizing facts, it is about research and practical application. The curriculum challenges our daughter to think critically and problem-solve, equipping her with the skills necessary for success in higher education and beyond.

IST also supports our daughter’s ambitions as a member of the Estonian Women’s National Team, allowing her to train, travel, and compete during school time, which is highly appreciated. Several of her grades improved compared to her previous school and she enjoys going to school now despite having to wake up at 6:30 every morning to catch the first of three buses.

The holistic approach to education under the leadership of a very experienced and dedicated director makes me confident that the school will continue to positively shape the lives of its students for years to come, soon from brand new purpose-built premises.

IST Parent Testimonial

Nina Sjöholm

Robert has completed third year (grades 5,6,7) in IST. Although he faced some challenges, including his transfer from Russia to Estonia and studying English, he managed to overcome all things with the support of the school. The community of parents, teachers, and students at IST is incredibly kind and helpful, creating a welcoming and positive school atmosphere that we love. We also greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication of the teachers at the school.

We are looking forward to when the school will move to a new building. I do believe it will be a cozy space where children will be really happy as one family.

I truly appreciate the hard work that all IST team put in and am very thankful that Robert is a part of IST. We are hopeful for a great upcoming school year 2024/2025.

IST Parent Testimonial Dolgorukov

Dmitry Dolgorukov

When moving to Estonia, choosing the right schools for our three boys was our biggest concern. Now, after two years with IST, I can confidently say that we couldn’t have made a better choice.

IST is a place where our kids are valued, appreciated, and well taken care of. The academic staff and management are genuinely interested in the all-round progress of each child. Our kids are encouraged to learn, experiment, take responsibility, be open-minded, cooperate, and ultimately become lifelong learners.

Furthermore, our children have made wonderful friends from all over the world. Thank you, IST, for being such a fantastic place for our family.

IST Parent Testimonial

Ubaid Mughal

I am very happy and highly thankful for every member of IST after seeing the changes in my daughter (MYP4). Keeping students active and engaged is something I like the most about IST.


Nadja Shein

I am happy and thankful for the experience my kid gets. It is a positive atmosphere, friendly and helpful teachers. Children will definitely learn and grow if they feel loved and needed.