Managing emotions and equanimity are central to academic and social success. Our school psychologist is readily available to liaise with school staff and parents in order to promote healthy minds and happy students.

Students can turn to the school psychologist when they:

  • Are sad, angry, or do not feel well and want to share this with someone
  • Feel they are not adequately managing their everyday studies and duties
  • Are worried about themselves or someone else
  • Often have conflicts with others
  • Find it difficult to make friends
  • Are confused and want to talk to someone about their concerns

Parents can turn to the school psychologist when they:

  • Are worried about changes intheir child’s behavior or studies
  • Have concerns about the emotional well-being of their child
  • See their child is often sad, angry, or withdrawn
  • Notice their child has difficulty making friends
  • Have cooperated with teachers but the problems still persists
  • Experience difficulties managing their child at home
  • Would like to have a better relationship with their child