Aftercare is an extra service provided by IST. The service is offered from 14h00 till 17h00. There is a charge of €60 per month per child. Afternoon snacks are provided by the canteen at 0.65 cents per day. You are welcome to pack extra fruits for your child. We kindly ask parents to collect their children at the agreed times.

Our Programme for the week:

Visual arts class.
(Art styles and techniques, craft projects, sculpture, collage, bookmaking and illustrations, recycling design)

Tuesday :
Fun science experiments and/or “Around the world “- countries for kids (geography, traditions, food, clothes, learn 2-3 words)

Animation class
(We will learn all stages of cartoons production: idea, story developing-script, characters design, animating, sound, editing)

Thursday :
“Kids favourite topic” “Book club”-reading short stories together and analyse them (tricky words, characters, main idea, problem solution, draw illustration )

Animation class.
Different animation techniques, pixelation, stop motion, drawing and experimental animation)

All classes will include different games – an icebreaker, team building, energetic and relaxing. Walking and playing in the park is a standard part of the day (weather permitting).