Testimonials from parents

Our experience is very good! Lisa Parker is just fantastic! We are happy to have her as a teacher; please keep her with us next year. I hope that we will have more fun next year, in the new building and I know that many new kids will join in grade one.

IST was not only school but also a family for us. We had very good PTA which was a very efficient way for communication with parents and teachers and management. Since the classes were small, our kids had a chance to be educated one by one. We had very good progress with my son in very short time. Thank you all.

Dr S. K.

IST has a really good staff and makes a good team. Ms Allen is great! I like how the school respond positively to suggestions from parents. The building was not that great, but it is going to be much better with the new building. We are happy at IST, and we are happy to come back. We bring a second child!

I like that the school started later. It helped much with arrangements in the morning. My child was happy and experienced no social problems. The class teacher made a big effort to make teaching interesting.

We are overall very positive and looking forward to the new year. The teachers are good, and there is a good atmosphere in IST. We have easy access to the school director, and I like his responsiveness.

My wife and I are really happy about our first impressions. Mr. Ryan is bringing us feedback since the first day, and he is very attentive with Murilo. I had a short talk with the Music Teacher (I am not good to remember names, sorry), and she is very attentive too, she was already able to give feedback about my son and point out some of the first impressions for his profile.

Murilo is coming back home more happy and confident. When we ask about how was the school, he is giving us details of good things that happened, and this kind of situation wasn't happening before, the school used to be 'just OK' for him.

The feedback I have gotten from Yichen has been very positive - she has made many new friends and she likes her teacher. As for myself as a parent, I would like Yichen to master English as fast as possible, as English is crucial to further improve her study. Estonian and Russian are also important. I sincerely thank IST for the encouragement and support it has given us.

W. S.

We love IST! My son asks me constantly when he can go back to school and when a child is eager to be in school, it is the highest compliment that you can give to the school. We love Lisa Parker. She is an amazing teacher!

We are moving back to Denmark this Summer. We have been very satisfied with the school and especially Ms Allen. IST is, for the expat community, a long wanted alternative to the existing schools and affordable not the least. We are sure this is just the beginning of a very successful future.

Best wishes

C. G. & F. P.

Our daughter misses Mr Ryan and the arts and craft lessons. We would gladly recommend IST to other families. We have one more child that will join shortly.

William is very happy to go to school and loves the library corner. He wants to go to school in the morning, and this is a testimony to the school. The teacher has a great approach to teaching, and the kids want to study.

We so thankful for the opportunity for our children to study in your school! Anna is very happy, every day she tells Me about lessons, teachers. Arved is coming this weekend, so he will come on Monday.

Thank you again!

Best regards!