IST Newsletter – October 2019

Dear IST families,

We are one month into the new school year and we have already organized and participated in several meaningful events. Here is a summary of what we have done so far.


On September 21st, we got together to clean up the streets of Ülemiste City, in the World Cleanup Day – a global event spearheaded by Estonian startup Let’s Do IT World. Staff, parents and students did an amazing job and we are happy to share some photos taken by Takashi Shimabucuro here:


The 9th/10th form students were invited by Tallinn University School of Educational Sciences to attend a ROBOMATH workshop on Tuesday, September 24th. After a presentation of current robotic technologies which are being used in Estonian primary schools by graduate students, the IST students were divided into teams of three students and asked to solve math problems using robots. The students were asked to program the robots to perform basic geometrical tasks that were plotted on GeoGebra. The students gave the graduate students feedback on advantages and disadvantages of using robots to teach geometry. 

Our students enjoyed the challenges of programming the robots and interacting with University graduate students. We would like to thank our teachers Tracy Wenzinger and Billy Parker for leading this team. 


Supported by the European Commission, this year’s Sports Week was scheduled from September 23rd to 30th. Our PE teacher Ada Lestsenski organized a week of demonstrations and training activities to introduce students to new sports. Guests were invited to demonstrate Capoeira, Taekwondo, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Kung Fu, Football and Water Sports. 

Our lunch breaks were also active: teachers and students organized dance-based exercises that were a lot of fun. 

A team was formed to run the Relay Race at Kadriorg on September 25th and we wrapped up the week with an Award Ceremony where individual students and teachers were honored for their achievements throughout the week. You can find a selection of photos and videos here:

We’ve also made a video compilation of the Sports Week. You can watch it here:

We would like to thank all staff for helping our students understand the importance of being active and healthy. To all our students and future athletes: great job!



We are happy to inform the addition of three extracurricular activities to IST. From next week, students will have access to Indoor Football lessons on Tuesdays, from 16:00 – 17:00. Coach Christos Patsias is having lessons at our school gym.

Registration is open for Swimming lessons at MyFitness Ülemiste also on Tuesdays, from 16:15 – 17:15. Instructor Diana will meet students at IST main entrance at 16h to guide them to the pool. 

Teacher Laura Liisp is offering Spanish lessons twice a week (Mondays and Fridays), from 15:00 – 16:00. Students from grades 3 to 8 can join.

We also expanded our Robotics class: now there are two groups (one on Mondays and one on Tuesdays) from 14:00. Robotics teacher Vahur Orrin extends an invitation to new students who would like to join. We want to visit Robotex this year and increase IST experience of robotics overall. 

To sign up for any extracurricular activity, please send an email to

More extracurricular activities are in the works and will be announced soon! 



Summative week is here and teachers are assessing students’ learning progress over this first unit. Also, we would like to remind all parents that school break is coming up: school is out from Saturday, October 19th until Sunday, October 27th. Enjoy your week off!

October is Halloween month and we are planning a Harry Potter themed celebration including decorations made by students and an academic competition, all leading up to a Halloween party on October 31st during school hours. Staff are organizing a series of fun activities including a costume contest, so get ready! We look forward to seeing all students coming to school in their nicest or scariest costumes!  More information coming soon.

Our class representatives would also like to invite all parents to a social gathering on Friday, November 1st at Decanter (Uus 7) at 19h. As we have new students joining us regularly, this is a chance for parents to get to know each other and form a community. Let’s chat and share experiences over good wine!

We thank you for your support and hope to have more amazing experiences to share soon!

Kind regards

IST Staff

IST Opening Ceremony 2 September

Dear Parents

It is almost time for the first day of school and we are excited to welcome you all back, old and new. In order for us to make the first day of school as smooth as possible, we would like to share important information with you.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will take place on Monday, 2 September at 10h00 on the second floor of the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Suur-Sõjamäe 10a.

The ceremony lasts for 45 minutes after which students and their respective class teachers go to the school building. Parent will stay behind for the General Parent Meeting.

The agenda of the General Parent Meeting includes the practical information about the school, introduction of the IB programmes, voting for the Class Representatives and conducting a Parent Survey.

Parents, students and staff will jointly celebrate in the school building from 12h00 with refreshment provided by the school and at 12h30 there is an opportunity to join us on a guided tour of Ülemiste City. The tour is one hour and thirty minutes and will give you a complete overview of the owner of the school, the current situation in the city and the future plans. Those parents who are not able to join us on the guided tour may take their children home at 12h30. Please register here for the Guided Tour by Thursday, 29 August latest:


Due to an increased demand, we are now able to offer French, German and Russian at all levels starting from grade 3 to grade 10.

New Staff

Our pedagogical team has grown considerably over the summer. We will introduce our new teachers to you at the Opening Ceremony.  



Class Teachers

Preschool – Latifat Igbin

Grade 1 – Iryna Kozii

Grade 2 – Lisa Parker

Grade 3 – Amber Parker

Grade 4 – Ryan Calupas

Grade 5/6 – Devyn Allen

Grade 7/8 – Martin Tamm

Grade 9/10 – William Parker

Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 were combined classes before, but after the phenomenal growth over the summer period, we are now able to offer these as separate classes.


The General Timetable for the school is nearly ready and we will send it to you before the first day of school. The Extra-Curricular Timetable will be finalized after we have completed the list of activities on offer.

Entry Cards

We have different entry cards for parents and students. The entry card for parents is available from Tuesday, 3 September at our front desk. The entry card for students, the e-student card, is not only an identity document, but also an interactive access card that gives access to the building and may be used on public transport like the Tallinn Green Card.

Student cards can be ordered through the Valnes system with the Estonian ID-card:  or by e-mailing Enely at the front desk A digital document picture of the child is needed. The card costs 4.50 Euro and is available in September.


The school has migrated from E-kool to Stuudium as the study database. The teacher responsible for managing the database on behalf of the school is Eve Oro. Parents will be guided on how to register and use Stuudium. More information will be shared with you on Monday during the General Meeting.       

Stationary List

The stationary list is updated and we encourage parents to make use of this week to finalise their shopping for the necessary school supplies. The list can be found here for all students from Preschool to Grade 10.


Aftercare is available from 14h00 till 17h00 every day at 60 Euro per month. In the event that you need this service only for a few hours per week, then the cost is 30 Euro per month. The name of the teacher and the room number will be announced soon. Aftercare will start from 4th of September.

Registration for Aftercare and Extra-curricular activities will take place on Monday, 2 September at the General Parent Meeting.

General information

The daily lunch starts from Tuesday, 3 September.

Indoor shoes should be brought to school from Tuesday, 3 September.

The Preschool class is on the second floor.

The school address is Keevise 2. However, the entrance for parking is not on Keevise street, but on Suur-Sõjamäe street, around 50m before the Keevise street turnoff. See map.

We advise you to leave home a little earlier on the day as parking on the school premises might be limited on the day. IST and Emily School both have their opening ceremonies on the same day. Alternative parking can be found on the open parking grounds of Ülemiste Shopping Mall.

Welcome Back to IST for the 2019/2020 School Year!

Dear IST Parent(s),

We take this opportunity to welcome you to the IST community for the coming school year and beyond. We are grateful that you have chosen IST as the educational home for your children, in return we commit ourselves to ensure that your children will grow and prosper under the guidance of our professional and caring team of educators.

Soon we will see you all back in the school building and in order for us to adequately prepare, we ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the program for the Opening Day on Monday, 2 September at 10:00 in the Mainor Hall, Suur-Sõjamäe 10a.

We will have a short program, which includes welcoming words from Mr. Olavi Otepalu, our school director. You will also get an opportunity to meet the staff, old and new. At 12:00 we will move to the school building where parents and students will meet each other and their respective class teachers.

Please click on the link below to locate our school. We have adequate parking on the Suur-Sõjamäe side of the building.

A detailed list of school supplies is available here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

A time for giving

As we enter the period of the Advent, a time to take stock of a calendar year that has nearly come to an end, we reflect on the past and await new things in anticipation. “The secret of happiness, you see is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”-Socrates
From all of us at the IST family, Spread Goodwill and Cheer during this time of giving.

By now you should be aware that we have been feverishly busy rehearsing for our upcoming Christmas Concert which will take place on Friday, 7 December at 17h30 in the assembly hall on the 4th floor. We invite you to join us with festive cheer to celebrate the feast of music and dance which our students have prepared for us.

The students need to be in the assembly hall at 17h00 on Friday 7 December.

The concert starts at 5:30. It will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • 10 minutes getting everything together at the beginning
  • 30 minutes for the concert
  • Twenty-five minutes for Santa to hand out gifts.

Please join us join us after the concert for some refreshments.

There will be an in-school party on 19 December with crafts, pizza, and various activities — this is a different event than the concert. More information about time and venue will follow soon.

Additional information

Study reports will be given out to parents at the Parent/Teacher Conferences and the trimester grades will reflect in the study reports

Homeroom teachers will contact parents next week to arrange a time slot for the Parent/Teacher Conference taking place on the week commencing Monday 10th December.



Early Learning English Immersion Group

Tomorrow, 30 October, we start with our Early Learners Full Immersion English Class, meant for boys and girls turning 5 years and up to 6 years old who want to immerse in the English language through organised play, having fun while learning. Our teacher, Natallya Svuetsouva, arrived back to Tallinn after spending the last 14 years in, Mumbai, India where she coordinated Early Childhood Care and Education Programmes between 2013 – 2018.
Besides qualifications in Early Childhood Education obtained in Mumbai, she also holds a degree in Art from the Estonian Academy of Arts.
We are very privileged to have her on our team not only because of her outstanding record as a teacher but her caring nature as a mother and mindful teacher will benefit every child in her group.
If you are interested to know more about this group, please contact our Director of Marketing and Communication, Paul Senosi at for a discussion or a visit to our facilities.
Skype: paul.senosi
Our doors are open.