New member of the management board

This week we introduce you to our new member of the IST Management Board, Professor Eneken Titov. A BIG welcome to you and we know that together we are building something beautiful in the Estonian International Education landscape.

Education is my love and muse. I am dedicated to the development of education in Estonia, and up until today, I have been connected mostly with higher and vocational education, in particular, the academic affairs at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. I am still participating as an expert in different educational projects like Edu & Tegu (development of entrepreneurship education at every level of education in Estonia, a programme funded by the EU and Ministry of Education and Sciences).

Despite my dedication to higher education, I am in touch with the developments in primary and secondary education. I come from a family of teachers – my grandfather was headmaster for 50 years, my parents were teachers – father taught physics and was headmaster for more than 30 years, and my mother was a teacher of Estonian language and Arts, even my mother-in-law is a teacher of Math? …and I am a teacher too.

I have been teaching teachers in the fields of study methods, pedagogy (especially entrepreneurship pedagogy), study organisation and school management for more than 15 years. Now I am teaching mostly master level students and adults via different training programmes. I have been participating as an expert in many different programmes and projects who’s target groups are secondary school teachers or management – school accreditations and quality assessments, teachers appraisal and assessment, creation and implementation of different competence models, training, teamwork development programmes etc.

I hold a PhD from Tallinn University of Technology in Business Administration and Management, and I am a professor of Management in Estonia Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

My educational philosophy is that “every child is capable of learning, every child is a talent”. Teachers’ role is to find and open this talent, and school management needs to create a supportive and creative environment for that.