Meet our Music Teacher

Merily Heinmaa

As the lyrics of a well-known ABBA song goes, “My mother said I began to sing long before I could talk.” I believe this was the case as my childhood memories are mostly related to music – attending music school, taking part in song contests, singing choral songs etc.
After finishing high school, it seemed obvious to me to go and study music.
I finished university with a bachelor’s degree in Music and a master’s degree in Music Education.
I have been a schoolteacher and a children choir conductor for 10 years. Working in the International School of Tallinn since January 2018 has widened my perspective and shown me what it means to be a part of an international community. I am sincerely glad that my road has taken me to this school.
My educational philosophy lies in the understanding that the teacher is the one who must strive to support the students on their path, focusing on and developing their talents. I strongly believe the idea that all people are musical.