Placement, Transition, and Language

Every effort will be made to find the best programme to match each child’s skills and knowledge. The student’s initial placement will be based on the documents submitted to the school by the parents or guardians and the meeting between the family and the school.

During the children’s first four weeks, they will be observed and monitored by teachers, in close cooperation with parents or guardians, to determine the suitability of their placement. Generally, within four weeks of admission, the Teachers’ Council will approve the students’ definitive placement.

In order to ensure a smooth adjustment to their new school, IST runs a Transition Programme for students and their families. The programme includes parent-teacher meetings, English language-learning support, and individualised study programmes.

All subjects are taught in English. In addition, English language arts is also taught as a subject.

Students who speak little English may enrol in our school, and we will support them as they learn through our personalised methods using a variety of games, visual resources, and tasks that activate both motor and creative skills.

We also encourage acquisition of the local language and culture. All students commence Estonian as a Second Language from grade 1, and the same methods and care are taken to stimulate inquiry and ability.

Students will start to learn one more additional language in grade 3. Students may choose Russian, German, or French.

Our teaching staff is comprised of teachers who are native speakers and teachers with an advanced level (C1) of English.