The High School Programme (Grades 11-12)

IST offers upper secondary education to students aged 16-19. Currently the school is following the Estonian National Curriculum within the IB framework. As a candidate school, the school prepares itself for the authorization of the Diploma Programme by offering TOK and CAS related optional courses amongst other subjects. IST is expected to be authorized in the Diploma Programme by September 2022.

Until the school is fully authorized, the upper secondary school graduation requirements are the following:

  • Passing national examinations in English Language, Estonian as a Second Language, Mathematics, Humanities or Science;
  • Complete and defend an extended research paper;
  • Complete all of the necessary courses.


The curriculum is designed to be challenging, rigorous and thought-provoking. The studies consist of a lot of collaboration between the students in different grades, and teachers.

The students are taught fundamentals of leadership, acceptance between different cultures and traditions, the integrity of people, and taking action by learning, teaching, and contribution to the community through community service projects.

At IST, we value the association of theory with practice to the highest extent: musical and literary performances, practical laboratory experiments in sciences, conducting art exhibitions along with other various activities through inquiry. With the development of 21st century skills, IST offers opportunities for students to maximize their potential and to be ready for further studies.

We at IST believe that students will obtain the desire for life-long learning through academic rigor and becoming citizens of the world.