Dear IST Families,

Our school grows every day and we are getting ready to expand. This special edition of our newsletter will give you an insight into the new building being designed for IST.

The new building is expected to be open in August/September 2022 and will accommodate up to 400 pupils. IST will have its own building, as will the two other primary schools of Ülemiste City (Emili kool and Kalli Kalli). The gym is shared between the three schools.

The main entrance on the first floor (ground floor) is guarded by an administrator from morning until early evening. To access the school area, visitors must go through the lobby, where the administrator can welcome and redirect them. There is a second door granting access from the lobby to the rest of the school. The doors are only accessible with a card or when the administrator buzzes a visitor in. This strict control measure ensures the comfort of visitors and safety for our school pupils and families.

Beyond the first-floor lobby are the rooms for preschool, primary grades and daycare services. Preschool and primary grades have direct access to the outdoor playground area on the ground floor. This area is for the exclusive use of IST and it is separated from the main entrance, providing privacy and protection to our young pupils. Next to the playground there is a sports field and green area.

The second floor is dedicated to the subject activities shared by all grades, such as music, arts and crafts, as well as the canteen, the assembly hall, staff rooms and the teachers’ room. The canteen and assembly hall form a large atrium combined with the third floor. Upper floor balconies provide additional space for watching school events.

The third floor is mainly dedicated to upper grades, with specialized classrooms and laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and cooking facilities – all fully equipped to ensure high quality education. The library is also located on this floor. The hallways are larger and designed to allocate studying and resting areas.

Adjacent to IST’s building is the gym. Besides a regular outside entrance, there is an access connecting the gym and IST from the inside. This allows students to go to P.E. without having to change shoes or get fully dressed in Winter. Access to the gym is controlled by a separate key card, restricting students’ access. On the roof above the gym, there is an outdoor playground area, fenced and partly covered to allow students to be outside regardless of weather conditions. The rooftop playground is accessible through the second floor, via the canteen/assembly hall area.

Architects have finalized the main layout of the building. The images shared here are preliminary works that allow us to have an idea of what is currently in development. The interior will be more elaborated (not just white walls as currently shown in the images); more glass walls will be added to the atrium, as seen on the facade. Updated drafts and detailed layouts will be sent soon.

IST is aiming for improvement and development on our way to becoming an outstanding and fully recognized international school. We are glad to have you with us on this journey!

IST Staff

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