IST Newsletter – March 2020

Dear IST Families,

The month of March is filled with cultural and educational activities and events we would like to share with you. Have a look at what’s to come.


On Monday, 16th March, grades 7 to 10 will attend a performance of Othello by the American Drama Group & TNT Britain. Students will leave school escorted by Mr. David, Mr. William and Ms. Tracy at 12:30 to go to the theatre at Mustamäe Kultuurikeskus Kaja. Students will be dismissed after the performance.

La Journée de la Francophonie is a series of events organized by Institut Français Estonie throughout the month of March to celebrate French language and culture. Mr. Remi and Mr. Nicolas would like to invite French class students in grades 3 and 4 (and their families) to attend one of these events. Our French teachers and pupils have prepared a song to take part in the “Concours de chants” (song contest). This is just one of the many activities arranged for that day. The event will take place on Saturday, March 21st, at Gustav Adolf (Vana-Kalamaja 9), Kotzebue building, from 11:00 until 16:30. Admission is free.

Ms. Merily, our music teacher, has arranged a performance with a renowned music group from Estonia: Trio Comodo. The three musicians play classical music and renditions of popular contemporary songs on classical instruments including the violin, cello, flute, among others. The trio has agreed to an exclusive performance for IST pupils in March – the date will be confirmed soon.

We would like to invite all pupils to attend. We’ve recently had many students enrolling in violin and piano lessons, and we want to encourage more students to take an interest in music (classical or contemporary). The concert will be in our assembly hall and the price of admission per student is €5. Information regarding payment will be sent in the email confirming the date of the performance.



Just before our February break, our students, teachers and staff got together to celebrate Estonian Independence Day. We sang the Estonian national anthem and our director spoke about the importance of this date. To celebrate Estonian culture and its connection with music, we sang two folk songs lead by Ms. Merily, who organized the celebration. Some students made their own instruments to play and sing along.

IST would like to thank Mr. David, and the following students for performing during the event: Eva, Stella, Aryan, Maraam, Naoshaba, Luisa, Charlotte and Michelle.


On February 20th, our school welcomed a team from 99 Math, one of Estonia’s most promising startups, to participate in a mathematics tournament through their online game. All grades got together in our assembly hall and played several rounds of the 99 Math game, from simple addition to complex division/multiplication. Some students made it to top 3 in their groups and all students received a certificate.

We are very proud of our students for their performance in the tournament and happy to hear some teachers have found the game useful to increase student engagement in math. IST would like to thank the 99 Math team and our teachers who helped organize this competition, as well as students Lia and Eva for additional help with the certificates, and all of grade 7/8 and 9/10 for helping our little ones set up for the game.

Remember to always check our newsletters, Facebook posts and email communication for information about upcoming activities. See you in the next event!

Kind regards

IST Staff

IST Newsletter – February 2020

Dear IST Families,

The month of January was a calm, readapting to school routine time. Now it is February and we are at full speed! There are many exciting events coming up. Have a look at the schedule and event descriptions below.

Feb 14th – Friend’s Day (aka Valentine’s Day)

Feb 20th99 Math competition

Feb 21st – Estonian Independence Day celebration

Feb 24th to 28th – School Break


We will celebrate Friend’s Day on Thursday, 14th February. This date (also celebrated as Valentine’s Day) is a great opportunity to remind all students of the importance of making new friends and cultivating existing friendships. On this day, we invite students and staff to wear red or pink.

On Thursday, 20 February, our school will organize a math competition in partnership with 99 Math, an Estonian startup and app developed to get students excited about math! During school hours, all grades will compete to see who can solve more math problems. We have awards in store for the students and all participants will receive a certificate.

Estonian Independence Day will happen during our school break, so we decided to have our celebration on Friday, 21st February. During school hours, all students will gather to learn about the Estonian independence and sing an Estonian song taught by Ms. Merily.


We are excited to have added new extracurricular activities to our list in 2020. Have a look at the most recent additions below.



This week, IST students had their first violin lesson. Instructor Mari-Liis Uibo is a concert violinist with more than 12 years of experience and degrees from Austria and the USA.

All students aged 6 – 16 are welcome. Schedules are determined according to the group’s availability. Lessons take place once a week at IST and the monthly price is €40.


We have opened registration for a new robotics class for grades 4-6. Mr. Vahur Orrin has been planning lessons for this group and will offer them on Mondays, from 15h to 15h45. The monthly price for robotics is €30.


Registration is open for Filmmaking lessons. Students from grades 7-10 are welcome to join. Filmmaker Ana Falcon is the teacher and she will invite different guest lecturers every month to help students understand the basics of filmmaking: script writing, composition, cinematography, editing and filming with a phone. Classes are on Thursdays, from 16h to 17h. The monthly price is €30.

To register for any extracurricular activity, please send an email to



On 8th January, we welcomed students back from the Christmas break with a morning of Ice Skating. P.E. teacher, Ada Lestsenski, organized the event. Whether they were experienced skaters or trying it for the first time, we were happy to see so many students, teachers and parents having a good time. You can find the photos and a video compilation of the event here:


On 29th January, we officially opened our school library with the director’s speech, and some lovely singing prepared by music teacher, Ms. Merily. IST would like to thank librarians Heddy and Tracy for their hard work. Special thanks also to staff members Enely and Taaja for starting our book collection, and Anastassia for helping catalogue the books in Russian.

Remember to always check our newsletters, Facebook publications and email communication for information about upcoming activities. See you in the next event!

Kind regards

IST Staff

IST Newsletter – December 2019

Dear IST Families,

As we prepare to break for the holidays and approach the end of 2019, here is all the information you need to know regarding events and school break dates:


Last day at school – Wed, 18 December. Activities end at 12:00.

School break – 19 December to 7 January. IST office will be closed between those dates.

Welcome back day – Wed, 8 January. Special event at Skoda Ice Arena (information below).

First day at school – Thu, 9 January. Regular classes.


                                                              UPCOMING EVENTS

                                                                WINTER SPORTS DAY

On our “welcome back” day, we have something very special prepared. P.E. teacher, Ada Lestsenski, has scheduled a morning of activities at the Skoda Ice Arena. All IST students will meet there to learn about winter sports and try some ice skating. The price is set at €3 if you bring your own skates, and €4 if you rent skates from the arena. Please be sure to bring cash. Parents are welcome to join us for the day!

We ask parents to bring kids directly to the Skoda Ice Arena (Haabersti 3) in the morning – activities start at 10:00, but students should arrive from 9:30. We will wrap up at 12:00. All students will be dismissed for the day at that time. Regular classes at school will resume the next day: Thursday, 9 January.

Get your skates ready and let’s have some fun!


                                                   OVERVIEW OF RECENT EVENTS

                                                           CHRISTMAS CONCERT

On the way to becoming a school tradition, our annual Christmas concert was truly a magical event. It was great to see families enjoying the performances, sharing moments with teachers, and bonding with each other!

The production of the Christmas concert was in the capable hands of our music teacher, Merily Heinmaa, who created a musical journey reflecting the true spirit of the holidays. IST would like to thank all families for supporting this event and congratulate all students for working hard and stepping into the spotlight to deliver such a lovely performance! Special thanks to the following students for assisting in event organization and backstage preparations:

Aryan (grade 8) for stage technical management

Varvara (grade 9) and Elizabeth (grade 7), who helped write the scenario
Michael (grade 8) for decorations

Maraam (grade 6) and Michelle (grade 3), who were the main actors

Faseeh (grade 9), who made music phonograms and helped set up computer systems

Paro (grade 9), Evelina (grade 8) and all 9/10 grade students who helped throughout the day, both on the administrative and organizational side.


You can find the photos taken by our photographer, Tiit Mõtus, here:


                                                        IWCT CHRISTMAS BAZAAR

The International Women’s Club of Tallinn organized a Christmas bazaar on 24 November and several IST parents, students and staff gathered to raise money for this charity organization. School families brought a variety of cookies and other baked goods as well as traditional handicraft items from their countries of origin. IST students also made Christmas cards that were sold at our station. We raised nearly €300 for charity that day at our station.

IST would like to thank those who were able to attend the event and contribute to this great cause. Special thanks to parents and staff members who donated the items that were sold at our table: Olha Vakhramova, Maria Scheperina, Taaja Martsuk, Adele Ryytel, Jana Tool, Thea Polendakova, Julia Popova, Camila Hallak, Hsuan-Hsiu Hung and Eve Oro.

You can check out photos of the IWCT Christmas bazaar here:


We hope that all IST families enjoy their holidays! We wish for a 2020 with renewed hopes and strengthened bonds of friendship. See you in January!


Kind regards

IST Staff

IST Newsletter – November 2019

Dear IST Families,  

October and November were exciting months for our school! We organized parties, competitions, and took part in one of the most important events connecting technology and education in Estonia. There is more to come! Here are the events we’ve planned before the end of 2019 and an overview of what has happened recently.



The International Women’s Club of Tallinn Christmas Bazaar is happening this Sunday, 24th November, at Kultuurikatel (Põhja pst 27a) from 13h to 18h. For the second year, our school has a table reserved for selling foods and crafts that have been offered by IST families. We invite everyone to join us!

The IWCT is a non-profit organization that supports women and children. All proceeds from the bazaar go to charitable organizations aided by the IWCT.

Admission is free. There will be more than 20 embassies and local businesses selling food and beverages, plus a kids’ corner for the little ones. Find out more at:

Let’s get together to help a great cause!


This year’s IST Christmas Concert is scheduled for Thursday, 12th December, starting at 17h. We have yet to book the venue, which will be based on the total number of attendees. Parent representatives are collecting this information for each grade level. Please be sure to confirm with your Parent Class Representative(s) how many attendees your family will have. We will follow up with more information as soon as we have the numbers confirmed.



On 31st October, students, teachers, and parents gathered to celebrate Halloween at IST. The party started with a flash mob by our 9th and 10th grade students, followed by an afternoon of activities including pumpkin carving, wand painting, and other themed crafts. It was great to see everyone in costumes! After a two-week long Hogwarts house competition, we announced the winners: Congratulations Gryffindor!

We would like to acknowledge our student Michael (grade 8), who pitched the idea for a Harry Potter themed Halloween, the house competition, and provided much of our decorations!

You can find the Halloween party photos here:

We would like to thank all staff and parents who came to participate. Special thanks to the following teachers and students for their role in organizing the event:

Ms. TracyAnne for arranging pumpkin carving and the flash mob

Ms. Iryna for offering many ideas on activities and crafts

Karl and Oliver (grade 10) for volunteering to do magic tricks

Varvara (grade 9) and Kaiyi (grade 10) for aiding in pumpkin carving

Sofja (grade 10) and Faseeh (grade 9) for face painting

Stella (grade 7) for aiding Michael in preparing the Hogwarts idea

Thanawat (grade 10), Kuzey, Anna and Adrian (grade 9) for doing set up and clean up

And all students in grades 9/10 for participating in the flash mob!

See you all for another spooky celebration next year!


IST parents had their first social gathering of the year at Decanter, last month. We chatted and got to know each other over great wine and cheese. As an IB candidate school, we believe parents’ engagement in both school life and with other parents is an essential part of building a strong community.

We would like to thank all parents who were able to attend and hope many more will join us next time! Special thanks to one of our school parents, Paul Senosi, for arranging the venue!



Our P.E. teacher, Ms. Ada, organized an afternoon of activities to celebrate Father’s Day. Ten challenges were given to teams composed of father and child(ren) to show their strength, speed, and teamwork. Congratulations to our top three teams:

1st place – HTM (Mitt family) 

2nd place – The Toucans (Casagrande family)

3rd place – Trend Setters (Oolo family)

All participants did a terrific job and we hope to see you all for another fun competition next year! You can check the photos here:

Special thanks to the volunteers from grades 7-10 who helped organize the event!



IST had the privilege of hosting one of the most relevant events connecting technology and education in Estonia: Garage 48’s EdTech Hackathon.

This is a 48-hour development marathon where participants (developers, designers, students, etc.) pitch ideas for apps, webpages, and technological solutions for problems in education. Participants gather in teams to create and present a prototype in a livre-stream pitch session. This year we had more than 150 participants across 20 teams. Ideas ranged from a platform helping students with speech impediments to the creation of a financial aid system to access higher education.

The projects we saw this year show great potential, and IST was privileged to be the venue where these ideas were first developed. Congratulations to all participants!

Here are some photos of the event (photos by Ramus Kooskora):

We are proud of all we have accomplished so far and are thankful that so many IST families have been present in these events. More on December activities and other information will be sent by email very soon. See you at the next event!

Kind regards

IST Staff


IST Newsletter – October 2019

Dear IST families,

We are one month into the new school year and we have already organized and participated in several meaningful events. Here is a summary of what we have done so far.


On September 21st, we got together to clean up the streets of Ülemiste City, in the World Cleanup Day – a global event spearheaded by Estonian startup Let’s Do IT World. Staff, parents and students did an amazing job and we are happy to share some photos taken by Takashi Shimabucuro here:


The 9th/10th form students were invited by Tallinn University School of Educational Sciences to attend a ROBOMATH workshop on Tuesday, September 24th. After a presentation of current robotic technologies which are being used in Estonian primary schools by graduate students, the IST students were divided into teams of three students and asked to solve math problems using robots. The students were asked to program the robots to perform basic geometrical tasks that were plotted on GeoGebra. The students gave the graduate students feedback on advantages and disadvantages of using robots to teach geometry. 

Our students enjoyed the challenges of programming the robots and interacting with University graduate students. We would like to thank our teachers Tracy Wenzinger and Billy Parker for leading this team. 


Supported by the European Commission, this year’s Sports Week was scheduled from September 23rd to 30th. Our PE teacher Ada Lestsenski organized a week of demonstrations and training activities to introduce students to new sports. Guests were invited to demonstrate Capoeira, Taekwondo, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Kung Fu, Football and Water Sports. 

Our lunch breaks were also active: teachers and students organized dance-based exercises that were a lot of fun. 

A team was formed to run the Relay Race at Kadriorg on September 25th and we wrapped up the week with an Award Ceremony where individual students and teachers were honored for their achievements throughout the week. You can find a selection of photos and videos here:

We’ve also made a video compilation of the Sports Week. You can watch it here:

We would like to thank all staff for helping our students understand the importance of being active and healthy. To all our students and future athletes: great job!



We are happy to inform the addition of three extracurricular activities to IST. From next week, students will have access to Indoor Football lessons on Tuesdays, from 16:00 – 17:00. Coach Christos Patsias is having lessons at our school gym.

Registration is open for Swimming lessons at MyFitness Ülemiste also on Tuesdays, from 16:15 – 17:15. Instructor Diana will meet students at IST main entrance at 16h to guide them to the pool. 

Teacher Laura Liisp is offering Spanish lessons twice a week (Mondays and Fridays), from 15:00 – 16:00. Students from grades 3 to 8 can join.

We also expanded our Robotics class: now there are two groups (one on Mondays and one on Tuesdays) from 14:00. Robotics teacher Vahur Orrin extends an invitation to new students who would like to join. We want to visit Robotex this year and increase IST experience of robotics overall. 

To sign up for any extracurricular activity, please send an email to

More extracurricular activities are in the works and will be announced soon! 



Summative week is here and teachers are assessing students’ learning progress over this first unit. Also, we would like to remind all parents that school break is coming up: school is out from Saturday, October 19th until Sunday, October 27th. Enjoy your week off!

October is Halloween month and we are planning a Harry Potter themed celebration including decorations made by students and an academic competition, all leading up to a Halloween party on October 31st during school hours. Staff are organizing a series of fun activities including a costume contest, so get ready! We look forward to seeing all students coming to school in their nicest or scariest costumes!  More information coming soon.

Our class representatives would also like to invite all parents to a social gathering on Friday, November 1st at Decanter (Uus 7) at 19h. As we have new students joining us regularly, this is a chance for parents to get to know each other and form a community. Let’s chat and share experiences over good wine!

We thank you for your support and hope to have more amazing experiences to share soon!

Kind regards

IST Staff