Opening Ceremony

Dear families of the International School of Tallinn,

We take this opportunity to welcome you once more and keep you updated about the latest developments after our previous newsletter.

The Opening Ceremony will take place on 3rd of September starting at 09:00 in the Assembly Hall on the 4th floor. Families are kindly asked to arrive at the school between 08:45-08:50 and pick up the school access card. The access boom for parking will be open, and you are welcome to park your car in our parking lot. The assembly hall will be opened after 08:50 when rehearsals are done.

The Ceremony will not last longer than one lesson (45 minutes).

After the Opening Ceremony, we invite all parents to join us in the school canteen for light refreshments where families may address any questions to the school management.

Students will continue with the school day with their respective homeroom teachers, and after the lunch hour, they continue with subject teachers. Students are requested to bring their school bags with school supplies with them on the first day. We do not have lockers, but there is a place in the classroom for pupils to keep their belongings. Parents are expected to pick up their kids after their lessons end.

The school has no uniform. Please dress your children festive for the occasion.

School documentation. We have drafted some new policies including School Rules, Assessment Policy and Language Policy. School Rules are obligatory to all members of the school community including pupils, teachers and parents. You can access the documents on our website.

The cloakroom is located on the 3rd floor on the right hand immediately after entering the third floor. All pupils are also expected to bring with and use indoor shoes from the first school day.

eKool. All parents need to join the eKool system to consistently monitor the progress and study results of their child on a daily basis.

Please read the guidelines at the eKool portal for access rights to join eKool and for advice on how to use the portal. Should you have any questions, please contact our eKool coordinator Eve Oro:

Lunch. Our canteen will provide lunch as a buffet with several options. This enables every child to collect an appropriate amount of food with preferred ingredients. The meal is already included in the tuition fee. No hassle to parents for additional payments.

Grade 1-2 split. As we have been receiving more applications for Grade 1-2, we have decided to split Grade 1 and 2. As soon as we complete negotiations with potential teacher candidates, Grade 1 will have its own primary homeroom teacher. Ms Lisa Parker will be responsible for Grade 1-2 until the arrival of a new teacher; thereafter she will continue with Grade 2 alone.

Aftercare. We are waiting for responses from Grade 1 and 2 parents to make sure that there is a sufficient need for aftercare. We are expecting some critical demand in order to open the aftercare.

Extra-curricular activities. The school will conduct a survey to identify the preferences of families for afterschool activities. An Estonian private school Emili located in the same premises will also open the access to their extra-curricular activities in order to broaden potential options. We will inform families soonest.

Student Cards. All students may apply for the International Scholar Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC card is the only internationally recognized student ID, and ISIC cardholders are members of a truly global club. There are more than 125,000 student discounts on offer, including 1,000 in Estonia. Please read more about ISIC cards and find the application form on their web page

Allowances. In some cases, families may be eligible for allowances like Grade 1 support or childcare compensation in the kindergarten (also provided by most of the municipalities around Tallinn).

School diaries. We are not using diaries in the school at this moment. Should our homeroom teachers want, our pupils to use diaries we will inform on time.

For more information contact

IST awarded IB candidacy!

The International School of Tallinn (IST) became a candidate school for the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate Organisation recognised the status of the International School of Tallinn as a candidate school of the IB (International Baccalaureate) to implement the primary level study programme PYP (Primary Years Programme).

In the application to become a candidate, the IST provided a detailed overview on how the school has applied the IB principles in running the school, allocating resources, training teachers, and implementing study programmes. Also, the IST provided an in-depth plan of action on how the school will develop the IB further in study programmes over the next years.

For foreigners residing in Estonia, IB signifies global recognition and reliable study programmes in international education, which allows children to continue their education smoothly when they move from one country to another, as the philosophy and mission of the IB are to focus on international mindedness. Parents feel confident in knowing that the quality of the educational activity of the school is monitored and regularly assessed by an international organisation. As a candidate school, the International School of Tallinn has direct access to IB professional development, materials, resources and consulting. As IB programmes are based on the best teaching practices of the last decades, the IST will contribute to enriching the Estonian education system as a whole.

In Tallinn, the International School of Estonia (ISE) and the Tallinn English College (TEC) have previously received the PYP accreditation. The International School of Tallinn (IST) diversifies educational options as a school that offers international education, especially due to its strategic location in the fast developing Smart City in Ülemiste, where the number of international talents and companies is constantly increasing.

You can find additional information about the International School of Tallinn at

IST newsletter

Charles Dickens once wrote that Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade. Many of you might have experienced this phenomenon to be especially true in Estonia.

Someone also once wrote that Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be. Well, spring has sprung and with it brings changes and a time for renewal.

Our management team and IB coordinator were hard at work in preparing the initial documents towards the PYP Candidacy application and we are happy to announce that based on the timeline, the documents were sent off in good time. We are expecting to receive approval by June and start as a PYP Candidate School in September 2018. Below you will find a brief summary of the application process.

The International School of Tallinn (IST) was founded in 2016 with a purpose to become an IB school (International Baccalaureate) that will offer all IB programmes:

  • PYP (Primary Years Programme)
  • MYP (Middle Years Programme)
  • DP (Diploma Programme)

Before applying for the PYP Candidacy the school had to align a number of practices and standards with the IB. We revised our mission statement and refined our school values in order to reflect the IB philosophy which can be found on our website. We aligned the syllabuses of core subjects with the IB scope and sequence documents ensuring vertical articulation along all those subjects for a purpose of full learning continuum. As IB emphasizes the importance of ongoing professional development, our management team and all homeroom teachers attended the required IB workshops. At collaborative meetings, our teachers are more actively integrating the inquiry themes with subject-specific teaching throughout the unit.

The benefits of the PYP:

First, the implementation of the PYP will ensure a systematically harmonized approach to curriculum development, assessment, teaching, and learning.

Second, it will support the development of the quality system in the primary school based on the IB standards and requirements.

Third, it will foster the professional development of the teachers and pedagogical leaders via access to IB workshops and resources.

Fourth, it will support the mobility of international families by providing a smooth transition for their children from one school to another due to the similar study programme.

Fifth, it will promote the reputation of the school as the PYP is a globally recognized educational programme.

New Premises

As we ponder on the lessons learned during the first part of the year at IST, we are simultaneously looking at the road ahead. One of the changes occurring right now is the renewal of our new premises for the new academic year 2018/2019.

Workman is preparing the building in Keevise 2 and we will equip the building during summer to be ready when your children return to school.

This section of the building, facing SuurSõjamäe Street, is currently under renovation in preparation for the 2018/2019 academic year

The picture below is the wing of the building which we recently restored to its former glory

Next School Year

The demand for quality international education in English is growing in Estonia and the owners of the school, Mainor, has understood this very clearly right from the start. Growing a Smart City, Ülemiste City, brings with it the need for a high-quality English education available to the families from abroad and locally, who sees Tallinn as a hub of opportunity.

We have experienced good growth during our first year and the current number of new applications for the new academic year is an indication of similar and even better growth prospects. We will open the next two classes, grades 7 and 8.

This implies a need for new teachers as PYP homeroom teachers as well as the following subjects:

English (Gr 6-8), French (Gr 3-8), Russian (Gr 3-8), Math (Gr 6-8), Science (Gr 6) Biology (Gr 7-8) Chemistry (Gr 7-8), Physics (Gr 7-8), History (Gr 6-8), Social Sciences (Gr 6-8), Art (Gr 1-8), Physical Education (Gr 1-8)

Candidates need to have a higher pedagogical education or equivalent qualifications, a very good command of English language and a willingness to contribute to the development of the school.

Work experience in the PYP (Primary Years Program) or in the MYP (Middle Years Program) as a teacher or coordinator will be in advantageous, as well as competencies to teach several of the courses offered above.

Our Mission encapsulates the true spirit of IST: We believe that we can create a better and more peaceful world through education by supporting the holistic development of every individual to become responsible global citizens and independent life-long learners by providing a rigorous, inquiring and multicultural learning environment.

If you feel that you want to be part of inspiring new responsible global citizens to contact us by

Other News:

Applications are now open for new students to join the International School of Tallinn from grade 1 to grade 8. For more information and online applications visit our website:

For a personal meeting to discuss the educational needs of your child, you may contact our
Director of Marketing and Communications,
Paul Senosi

IST newsletter no 3

We are glad to share the latest developments at IST with you. It´s been half a year since we launched our brand new school. We truly hope that you are satisfied with the journey so far. Currently, IST is evolving from startup phase into the intense pedagogical development phase.

The IST basis of curriculum development, learning practices, and assessment will be directly linked to the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), its standards and practices in 2018 and to the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in 2019. It provides a systematic and holistic framework for the all-around development of students, endorses harmonized planning and teaching between teachers, supports multidisciplinary learning and establishes school practices and standards.

From January to March our school is undergoing a rigorous feasibility study as a mandatory part of consideration phase for applying for the PYP candidacy status. We expect to submit the application for candidacy by the end of March, receive the PYP candidacy status in summer and start as an IB candidate school from September 2018. The status enables us the access to IB professional workshops, consultations, online resources, a network sharing practices and know-how.

The school is already setting up its own practices and standards aligned with PYP framework. It requires hard work of school staff and also an open collaboration with the school community.

The IB standards require that a school appoints a PYP coordinator who has a key role to lead pedagogical development activities. The IST has entrusted this responsibility to Mr. Ryan Calupas, our Grade 3-4 homeroom teacher with a previous IB experience including the authorization process. The introduction of his part-time responsibilities as the PYP coordinator gives you an idea of what needs to contact him.

The PYP Coordinator Job Description in brief:

1. Pedagogical leadership: development and implementation of the programme; the PYP is planned, taught and assessed collaboratively

2. Documentation: a record of PYP planners, PYP archive; understanding/use of PYP documents by staff; IB publications available to the school community.

3. Communication: collaboration system of PYP staff, parent information sessions and newsletters a liasion between the IB office and IST, documentation for authorization and evaluation.

4. Professional development (PD) of teachers: informs PD opportunities and keeps PD records, assists, and guides on PYP issues.

5. Resource management: recommendations to purchase the resources to support the PYP; the establishment of an inventory of resource.

We are sure that by appointing the PYP Coordinator we are taking a big step forward in supporting the quality of learning at IST according to the IB standards.