Before the start of an academic year, the Director organises an individual meeting between the family and the school. During this meeting, the philosophy, curriculum, and daily operations of the school are introduced, and other matters of concern or importance are discussed.

  • Children who are aged six by 31 December can be admitted to grade 1
  • Admission to IST is open to all students of appropriate age, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or mother tongue language, who could benefit from the education offered, and for whom the school can provide a suitable education.
  • IST admits students throughout the academic year.

Grade Placement of New Students
Every effort is made to find the best match between the student´s skills and knowledge and the programme. The initial grade-level placement of a student is based on the documents submitted to the school by the parents and the meeting between the family and the school.

A four-week observation period will apply after admitting a student during which the teachers, in close cooperation with the parents, evaluate the initial grade level placement suitability for an individual student. The Teacher’s Council approves the grade-level placement of a student generally within four weeks after admission.