IST mission is to support the holistic development of every individual to become responsible global citizens and independent life-long learners by providing a rigorous inquiry and multicultural learning environment.

Our Promise

To foster a desire for life-long learning through academic rigor and a network of global citizens.


To create a global community that values inquiry, critical and creative thinking, open and entrepreneurial mindedness, and acts with tolerance and compassion.
• A cohesive community of students in grades 1-12, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni.
• An outstanding faculty that is continually embracing best pedagogical practices.
• Enhanced knowledge and skills in math, science, and technology—preparing students for a changing technological future.
• Students who strive to become entrepreneurial leaders in their desired fields.


At IST, we believe it is important to be a balanced member of society through:

• Being a good role model inside and outside of school
• Inspiring and encouraging others
• Being a good communicator
• Demonstrating empathy

• Accepting everyone and embracing differences
• Being yourself
• Welcoming change
• Demonstrating diplomacy

• Being honest
• Respecting everyone
• Exhibiting a good moral and ethical attitude

• Being an active members of the community
• Taking responsibility for your actions
• Embracing the creativity of your inner child