At IST, our teachers are our primary assets

This week we continue to introduce you to more of the beautiful people who make IST the best place for all children who wish to have International Education in English.

Eve Oro – Estonian Teacher of the Year!

I graduated with a master’s degree from Tallinn University in 1991 as a teacher of crafts and home economics. I worked at Põltsamaa Gymnasium for 26 years and gained teaching experience with students from grades 4-12. I have been a homeroom teacher of students from primary school and also gymnasium. I have always loved my work and enjoyed working with students. I care about my students a lot, and I am always ready to listen and help them.

I am a member of the Association of Estonian Craft Teachers. I have also had leadership experience as a member of the board of this association. This is an excellent place to co-operate with other craft teachers, to teach and support each other. I have always contributed to the development of Estonian craft teaching. I have been part of the working groups of the Ministry of Science and Education to develop the Estonian National Curriculum. I have trained other craft teachers to share my teaching experiences. In 2008 I became a Senior teacher (the highest teacher’s position in Estonia). In 2005 I was chosen as Teacher of the Year in Estonia.

In my opinion, the essential concepts in teaching are divergent thinking and creativity. It’s important to teach students to think and solve problems independently and creatively. I give my students the skills and attitudes – “the tools”, which will help them in real life in their future.
I get my energy and passion from my family and hobbies. I like being active and eating tasty, healthy food. I am keen on fashion and interior design. Theatre and ballet are the things that charge me emotionally.

Devyn Alyss Allen – MYP coordinator and homeroom teacher

I graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a Bachelor of Arts. Specializing in Middle Childhood Education. I started my teaching profession as a classroom teacher at Mount Gilead Middle School in Ohio, USA.

I am currently serving as a homeroom teacher and Middle Years Program (MYP) Coordinator at IST.

I maintain a personal commitment to developing students as global citizens, striving to prepare students to become empathetic, knowledgeable, and principled adults who can apply critical thinking and creativity to myriad issues to build a sustainable and just world. Through innovative instructional strategies—including both classroom and community-based projects—I believe students develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed in a diverse society.

We establish and nurture the ideals of community, respect, and personal relationships by creating a classroom community that is open and safe, and students build trust with their classmates and with me. We are creating a space where students feel valued and encouraged to care about each other. In building community, we strive for authentic and respectful interactions, including cooperative learning strategies and class-wide activities.

I believe in providing an equal, approachable, and fair learning environment. Equality in the classroom means making certain classism, sexism, racism, ableism, sizeism, ageism, and religious intolerance never interfere with the education of the students. By providing powerful learning experiences, I try to bridge the diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of my students.

We share ideas, strategies, and projects to design learning experiences for students to identify, research, and take action on issues they feel passionate about—making students into leaders and competent citizens in a global society.

I am passionate about softball and raising awareness about human trafficking.