IST Values

Our values are based on and fully aligned with the IB Learner Profile attributes oriented towards an international-mindedness. 


The IB (International Baccalaureate) has outlined ten attributes aiming to develop learners who are: 











In IST our Core Values are:

Taking action – in IST we believe that it is our fundamental function as citizen of the world to react and act with enthusiasm on the local and global challenges imposed by the different issues that impact our existence as a community of learners. In IST taking action means being a risk taker, communicator, open minded and caring. 


Balancing our lives – In IST we believe in the importance of balancing the different aspects of our humanity. We are in one in promoting healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, good relationship, physical and mental development and career enhancement. In IST balancing our lives means being reflective, principled and balanced. 


Becoming lifelong learners – In IST we believe that learning should not stop at any certain point of our lives. As a community we work hard to achieve our goals using different strategies and approaches to learning. We give importance to the development of skills and attitudes that help us to continuously satisfy our curiosity. In IST, becoming a lifelong learner means being knowledgeable, inquirer and thinker.