IST Newsletter no 2

Dear IST Parents!

We are very excited that the school year is almost upon us. We would like to provide you with additional information that we believe to be important to communicate prior to Opening Ceremony.

First and foremost, our daily schedule:

Period 1 – 09:00-09:45
Period 2 – 09:45-10:30
Period 3 – 10:40-11:25
Lunch – 11:30-12:00
Recess – 12:00-12:30
Period 4 – 12:30-13:15
Period 5 – 13:15-14:00
Period 6 – 14:10-14:55

While lessons do not begin until 9:00 due to parental/guardian preference, the school doors will open to you and your students at 8:30. You are advised to stay with your student(s) until 8:45, at which the students then become the teachers’ responsibility. We want to be flexible for drop-off time, but still need to be sensitive of the time that teachers will need to prepare for their daily lesson(s).

As well as recess/play time at 12:00-12:30, two additional 10 minute breaks have been worked into the schedule.

We also have a working time-table that will provide more specific information about what subjects/specials will take place on what day; however, as we are still waiting for schedule availability from other teachers, we are unable to provide a concrete document as of right now. Furthermore, we will also need to know how many students will be picked up directly after lessons end—grades 1-3 at 2:00 and grades 4-6 at 3:00, and how many students will be staying for after school care—ending at 5:00 at the latest. If you plan on putting your student(s) in after school care, there is an additional cost per child:
Every day – 40 euros per month
Part time – 20 euros per month

We will consider a family discount on families with 3+ students going into after care, inquired by the parent(s)/guardian(s).
In addition to after care, the school grounds are open until 6:30 on a required basis by teachers, if needed.

Parking and drop-off/pick-up:
If you wish to come in to the school and stay for a few minutes, you may park behind the building. This can be accessed from the left side of the building. If you wish to drop-off or pick-up your student, you can do that out in the front of the school.
As the tram line 4 is being completed, a side entrance will be available for direct entrance and exit to the IST portion of the building. We will make parents aware when this is available – which will also bring changes to drop-off and pick-up location/parking. When all construction is complete, parking will be accessed from the right side of the building where there will be a gate and a number for you to call to access the parking. We will inform you of this in advance.

For students riding public transportation, until the tram line is complete, bus 15 comes from city center and ends very close to the IST building. When the construction and tram line is complete, tram 4 will end very close to the school building—which will be the closest line of transportation to IST.

We are asking that you provide a pair of indoor shoes/slippers for your student(s) to wear inside of the classroom—this helps us keep the classrooms/carpets clean. We will specify what additional clothing items students will need for physical education at a later time.
Physical education:
P.E. will not be held inside the IST building, but rather in other facilities close to school grounds. More information will be provided soon.

Lunch and snack:
The cost of lunches, 2 euro, is included in the tuition price, but we do need to know additional information from parents about student dietary needs. If your student is vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free, etc., we need to be aware so that we can accommodate those needs.

To be efficient with school lunches, we ask that you let teachers know at least 24 hours in advance if your student(s) will be missing school. Due to the fact that lunches are made on a student-by-student basis, the company providing the meals needs to know one day in advance that they will not be providing a meal for your student(s). Any notice from you to a teacher less than 24 hours in advance causes the company to have already prepared the meal for your student(s) for that day. IST will cover the cost of one meal in case of an absence, but if your student(s) misses more than one day without notice in advance, you will be expected to cover the 2 euro cost for every day in addition to, but not including, the first day missed for the student(s).

There is a possibility to have an additional snack, 1 euro, provided at 4:00 for students staying in aftercare.

School rules:
School rules and regulations are drafted but is still a working document. We will provide a completed packet to you within the first few weeks of school. The document will become an appendix to the school contract. All organizations require a set of rules and regulations to moderate behavior and outline expectations of student, parent, and staff conduct. The school rules and regulations will reflect the culture of International School of Tallinn. Some of the topics covered in the rules and regulations include: attendance policy, communication tools, expectations for behavior, etc. These rules will be a general overview, but will become more detailed with time. In addition, this document will also be available on our school website when it is complete.

IST will apply the web-based system eKool to connect parent(s)/guardian(s), students, and teachers. eKool helps you to keep up with your student’s progress. You are also encouraged to use the eKool mobile app Mkool, which is free. For a more complete eKool experience, you may also purchase the Family Premium Package which starts at 1,65 euros per month. We also advise that you read all the benefits that the eKool system offers. eKool is one of the main official tools used to communicate with our families, report absences, lesson descriptions, homework assignments, timetables, study resources, etc. eKool contains the data concerning student grades and study reports. Because of the aforementioned, we expect all the parent(s)/guardian(s) and teachers to use the eKool online platform on a regular basis. As soon as the system is in place, we will notify all parent(s)/guardian(s).

If you have any questions regarding what you have read, or additional topics, please let us know on Friday during the informational session after Opening Ceremony.

You can find supply list from our web page –

Sincerely yours,

Olavi Otepalu
Director of International School of Tallinn