• Setting up the School Board
  • Opening the school in September 2017
  • Number of pupils: up to 20 pupils
  • Number of (joint) classes: 2-3 (most likely grades 1-6)
  • Location of premises: Suur-Sõjamäe 10a, Ülemiste City (on the premises of the Mainor Group)


  • Relocation to Keevise 2 building in Ülemiste City which allows for active expansion
  • Applying for IB licences to teach the Primary Year Programme (PYP) & Middle Years Programme (MYP)
  • Completing the IBO international training Programmes
  • Starting as an IB Candidate School in September 2018
  • Building a comprehensive support system for learning assistance
  • Number of pupils: up to 60 pupils
  • Number of (joint) classes: 3-4 (most likely grades 1-7)

The classes will cover the Primary Years Programme (grades 1-7). The Middle Years Programme opened in grades 6 and 7.


  • Developing the school management structure in accordance with IBO standards (eg PYP and MYP coordinators)
  • Creating and implementing the school’s quality system.
  • Preparing for the accreditation process as an IB Candidate School
  • Implementing the IB curriculum
  • Number of pupils: up to 100 pupils
  • Number of classes: 5-6 (most likely grades 1-8)
  • Location:  Keevise 2, Ülemiste City


  • Actively develop the curriculum to transfer from the Estonian State Curriculum to the IB curriculum
  • Authorization to teach the IB Programme
  • IB School status by September 2020 (PYP & MYP)
  • All basic school classes based on PYP and MYP curriculums
  • Number of pupils: up to 125-130 pupils
  • Number of classes: 7-8 (grades 1-9)
  • Active promotion in relation to the new status of the school
  • Building a new, modern school building
  • Location: Keevise 2, Ülemiste City


  • The International School of Tallinn (IST) will have gained an excellent reputation
  • Relocation to a newly-built school building on the Ülemiste Campus
  • Commence the Upper-Secondary School Diploma Programme
  • Have 9-10 class sets in the school and 150-160 students
  • Active cooperation throughout the Campus Learning Centres to provide a variety of classes, workshops and educational services across the board, eg career counselling, entrepreneurship and technology classes and so on.
  • Setting up the School Student Council and providing support

IST has drafted and approved the IST Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

If interested, please read the detailed planning: PDF